Less Chocolate for the Same Price — Toblerone Shape-Shifting

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Most noticeably, the chocolate austerity measure can be seen with fewer triangles.

Good news for everyone in the US: the new 150g bars are only being sold in the United Kingdom.

In a statement, the owner said: 'Like many other companies, we are experiencing higher costs for numerous ingredients.

Chocolate makers Mondelez International have also changed the 400g bars to 360g and the 170g bars are now 150g.

Mondelēz produces Toblerone in Switzerland and the new shape is a United Kingdom change only.

She said: "This picture of our bar this evening seems to be different to yours?"

If you thought things were getting chaotic at the USA election polls, brace yourself before heading to Toblerone's Facebook page.

Coca-Cola topped the list but Toblerone took second place, beating Marmite which came third.

"In fact I felt cheated a tad in the way that they are now spaced out so much losing out on Toblerone goodness, I'm upset Toblerone I'm sorry but I really am".

Luckily, the bars' packaging remains the same!

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This led some furious customers to vow to give up Toblerone altogether.

One of the festive season's chocolate favourites has changed - and fans are not happy.

Perhaps the biggest controversy surrounded the 2015 decision to replace Dairy Milk in its recipe for Cadbury's Creme Eggs with cheaper chocolate.

From the blue and black (or white and gold) dress, to the baby feet "genitalia" scandal, these optical illusions will be certain to puzzle you.

Many believe Toblerone has runined Christmas entirely.

Mondelez International, based in Deerfield, Illinois, said that pricing targets by United Kingdom discount customer Poundland prompted the change in Britain.

BBC News reported that similar sentiments were echoed by other customers, and that a spokeswoman refuted claims that the change was because of Brexit.

The new bars hit shelves in the United Kingdom this week, but will remain unchanged in other markets.

Toblerone, owned by USA -based Mondelez International Inc. The product, which was created in Switzerland in 1908, is known for its distinctive triangular shape.