Zuckerberg praises Modi for connecting with masses via Facebook

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Citing the example of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government, Zuckerberg explained how social networks can help establish governments of various countries connect with people. "They hold get-togethers, organize dinners, and support each other in their daily lives", Zuckerberg said. Obviously these are all tough challenges to tackle, but Zuckerberg noted that Facebook's work on artificial intelligence could make a difference.

Facebook promises it will build better AI technology to fight terrorist propaganda without censoring news about terrorists. Of course, that is easier said than done, and the Facebook CEO admits that there is no simple solution. He said such misinformation increases polarization between beliefs. "A more effective approach is to show a range of perspectives, let people see where their views are on a spectrum and come to a conclusion on what they think is right". As nationalist movements sprout up around the world-not only in the United States, but also notably in Western Europe-Zuckerberg addressed the importance of making sure people on Facebook understand one another and connect and become civically minded by sorting themselves into groups through Facebook's own communities.

"We can help establish direct dialogue and accountability between people and our elected leaders", Zuckerberg added. It pretty much boils down to this: Facebook has already connected friends and family, and now it plans to break down barriers to connect communities, online and off, in order to build one big, happy global family. This includes looping users into decisions made regarding the removal of controversial material from the site, something for which Facebook has been criticized again and again. Often, the company will take down important pieces of content, such as the Terror of War photo, due to community policies that do not work.

"I worry about these and we have studied them extensively, but I also worry there are even more powerful effects we must mitigate around sensationalism and polarisation, leading to a loss of common understanding". When in doubt, we always favor giving people the power to share more.

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Facebook has grown rapidly, with 1.86 billion monthly users around the world. He also addressed numerous criticisms Facebook has recently faced, including the prevalence of fake news and harmful content on the site, as well as its role in cases of possible terrorism, natural disasters and other issues.

Zuckerberg listed five areas, or "communities", where Facebook could play a role in "bringing humanity together".

It is not surprising Zuckerberg wants to explore to ways to expand Facebook, which would give it more opportunities to sell the ads that generate most of its revenue.