Mysterious sea creature washes ashore on beach in the Philippines

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The Daily Mail reports locals say the mysterious beast appeared after a recent natural disaster.

Several unusual creatures have been washing up on the beaches of tropical islands following a quake on Sunday, according to the Daily Mail. To locals, it appears that something is killing the creatures that dwell in the deepest parts of the ocean, which are places humans seldom see.

Stunned locals have flocked to the beach in Cagdainao, Dinagat Islands to gawp at the monster-like beast and take selfies with it. Now images of the creature have gone viral online, and many have ideas as to what the creature could be. Another said it's just a giant Shitzu.

Locals have been thronging the site where the mysterious creature was washed to the shore.

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The creature was already in a state of advanced decomposition when found.

The carcass has a total length of 6.3 meters (20.6 feet), excluding the tail which is missing, and a total width of two meters (6.6 feet) from the dorsal to pectoral fin.

Benfield, on the other hand, is more skeptical about the connection between earthquakes and oarfish, telling National Geographic that oarfish don't live near the ocean floor where seismic activity would emanate from, and if the hypothesis were true, other species would be affected too.

Many Facebook users said they are anxious that the dead animal could be a harbinger of earthquakes. "The charged ions can also oxidize organic matter which could either kill the fish or force them to leave the deep ocean and rise to the surface".