Sen. Rand Paul is Hunting for the GOP Health Care Bill

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The revised draft is dated February 24, coming after another draft, dated February 10, that was leaked last week.

Meadows said he supports the efforts of his colleagues for repeal, tweeting Monday that "every tax, every mandate, every regulation of #Obamacare needs to go". People under 30 would receive $2,000, while people over 60 would get $4,000.

The tax credits now are based on an individual's income and cost of coverage. The Republican plan, under this revised draft, still would phase out the Medicaid expansion to low-income adults that is a highlight of the ACA. Instead the program's current open-ended federal entitlement would be replaced by capped payments to states based on the number of Medicaid enrollees.

As congressional Republicans move to solidify their Obamacare repeal-and-replace legislation, concern is mounting that their strategies will leave millions of Americans with less financial assistance and more expensive coverage.

"We are continuing our search for the Obamacare Lite bill!" his Twitter post said.

Revenue would come from setting a limit on tax breaks on employer health plans, a plan similar to the Cadillac tax proposed under Obamacare. Healthcare providers are deeply anxious about the GOP's proposed repeal of the Medicaid expansion and restructuring Medicaid financing, and how these moves would affect their ability to care for low-income and disabled patients.

The senator continued, "I would say that the Republican establishment position is, is that they're going to keep parts of Obamacare".

"I think they're afraid, ' he said". "We can not find the bill". That idea is broadly unpopular with business groups, labor unions, and conservatives.

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These tax credits have always been the basis of the GOP plan, appearing in both House Speaker Paul Ryan's A Better Way blueprint from 2016 and the Empowering Patients First bill authored by Health Secretary Tom Price in 2015 when he was in the House.

Have you seen the House GOP's Obamacare replacement bill?

"I might never find that secret room where the health care bill is, but Republicans know where to find me, if they want to stop playing politics, and start working together", Murphy said.

Even many Republicans weren't invited to view the latest draft; Sen.

Senator Paul was the first to raise alarm bells that his fellow Republicans in the House were meeting privately.

Sen. Rand Paul brought a photo-copier and said he wanted to make copies of the bill to share with the public.

Last week, an earlier draft of the bill, dated February 10, was leaked to Politico.Most analysts said that legislation would lead to millions of people losing coverage.

These four policies, which are common to lots of Republican plans, including Paul Ryan's A Better Way, have one important thing in common: Republicans believe they can move forward through reconciliation, meaning they would need only 51 votes in the Senate. It's estimated that fewer than one million people now remain in grandmothered individual-market plans in the three dozen or so states that still allow them.