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A Roman-'Taker match at 'Mania would be a premier event on the card, and one that makes sense, stemming from his elimination of the Deadman at the Royal Rumble.

As Owens finally prepared himself for the match and beckoned Goldberg to the middle of the ring, thinking he'd already gotten through much of his opponent's stamina, Jericho's music hit just seconds before the bell finally rang to start the match. They went at it and got thrown out of the ring by the other entrants. It is only to point out a pattern.

Goldberg is certainly a bit older at 50 years old, but the man still looks like a machine with world class traps.

Name a bigger badass in the company than Goldberg. With so many of these what ifs, Goldberg looks less likely to win the Championship.

So, Goldberg's going to WrestleMania 33 as WWE Universal Champion.

Jericho's interference in the match sets him up for a US Title match at WrestleMania 33 against Kevin Owens as well.

Bill Goldberg has now wrestled a combined 108 seconds in his two singles matches since his WWE return as he heads to WrestleMania with the top title from the Raw brand.

Where I land: WrestleMania is about creating the famed "WrestleMania moment".

The last time we saw Goldberg perform, he took only less than two minutes to defeat the Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar. The championship only adds to the mix. Whether Jericho played a role in Owens' loss is irrelevant, but it would advance the rivalry. Also, Alberto El Patron, formerly known as Alberto Del Rio in WWE, made an appearance during Thursday's tapings. There is no reason that won't continue.

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That was way back in March, 2004 and resulted in a match that many believe is one of the worst headline events in the history of WWE pay-per- views, let alone WrestleMania.

Check back here on Sunday night for Live updates from WWE Fastlane! . The objective of the show was to move the storylines along.

Big Show: If Big Show isn't having a match with Shaquille O'Neal on the grandest stage of them all, why did he win here? Get instant access to Pay-Per-View Events & Exclusive Programming - No Commitment Required! A Bayley-to-Belly on the outside had Charlotte dazed, but as she got a roll-up Banks pointed out to the ref that she had Bayley's tights. This means Bayley will walk into WrestleMania as the Women's Champion, but who will she face? That won't sit well with Charlotte.

Nia Jax needs the win more than Sasha Banks.

Earlier this week, both The Big Show and Shaq have stated that it appears their one-on-one match at Mania that has been reported for months may be off. Neville up to his usual standard with flips and all kinds of moves which show just why he really is the King OF The Cruiserweights. He might be able to recover in time for WrestleMania, but it's now up in the air.

Neville is scheduled to defend the title on RAW on Monday against former champion Rich Swann. Yes, it was as fantastic as it sounded, even if he missed Roman Reigns. Where does the monster among men go from here? He's no longer just squashing enhancement talent in quick bouts.

But in the end, Reigns emerged victorious when he landed a formidable spear on Strowman to pick up the win. WWE is not booking him to drop the belt to Gallagher. Could it be winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal?

Gavin Jasper realizes that Bray Wyatt's WrestleMania streak is the opposite of the Undertaker's.