SAP will host its enterprise apps on Google Cloud

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Conducted over March 8 to 10, the Next conference is focusing on enterprise services. The new region now lets customers such as large corporations move large amounts of information to online storage without having to leave Canadian borders like in the past with Google Cloud. Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Azure and Amazon Web Services are also working on new offers. The API was built using Google's TensorFlow framework and has been applied to YouTube. Greene has been the driving force behind the business since he joined the search giant in 2015. Indeed, Google says support for Cloud Functions was the No. 1 most requested feature from Firebase developers. But as for cloud going forward? The cloud is no longer just a place for surplus data or startups that can't afford to manage their own data and applications, she said.

The company has committed to offering its trademarked "fanatical support" to customers who choose the Google Cloud Platform, much as it now offers "fanatical support" to Office 365 clients. Google Cloud Dataprep provides analysts with the ability to intuitively explore and prepare diverse datasets within Google Cloud Platform for a variety of downstream uses including analytics and machine learning.

The Video Intelligence API might not only serve to collect more raw, granular consumer data - who's searching for what products? - but also might mine more value from those data sets. Traditionally, elements related to a specific video had to be tagged manually for them to appear in a search. It has also acquired data science startup Kaggle which is home to a large community of data scientists and machine learning enthusiasts.

Whitmore happy with Gold Cup draw
Defending champion Mexico, the favorite heading into this year's tournament, is the top seed in Group C. The U.S. and Panama will be in Group B along with Martinique and either Haiti or Nicaragua.

Google parent Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has always been a major force in the data science and machine learning world, and its latest acquisition will only solidify its strong positioning even further. "We have more than one data centre the data sits in, and if one were to have a power outage on the eastern seaboard then our clients wouldn't see any disruption because it automatically switches to another data centre within Google's infrastructure". This new API, which is now in Private Beta, employs deep learning and the TensorFlow framework to analyze online videos and pick out pertinent details for tagging purposes.

As these moonshots hemorrhage money, Google is now looking at a more staid source of income: cloud computing. We've added new capabilities, and there's been an expansion of meta data from Google's knowledge graph.

Google is already capable of identifying objects in images thanks to machine learning.