Trump to Discuss Soaring Drug Prices with Democratic Congressman Cummings

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"It has been reported, however, that President Trump has deleted tweets, and if those tweets were not archived, it could pose a violation of the Presidential Records Act", Chaffetz and Cummings wrote in the letter.

The Congressmen pitched a House bill that would expand the federal government's ability to negotiate drug prices, and they left feeling optimistic about what Trump will do.

But the primary reason for Wednesday's meeting was to discuss prescription drug prices, a policy area where Cummings and the president have expressed potential common ground.

Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Maryland, says he looks forward to meeting with President Trump in a couple of weeks to discuss the high price of subscri...

Cummings said he also used the meeting to tell Trump while he found no evidence of the president's claim of massive voter fraud, there was certainly a need to investigate and halt voter suppression of African Americans.

Cummings, who's the top Democrat on the House oversight committee agreed. Cummings said he also addressed the president's allegations of massive voter fraud in the November election, telling Trump the president can not investigate voter fraud without tackling the real issue of voter suppression, which has penetrated many communities unjustly. More importantly, however, it would also give HHS the power to set up a formulary of preferred drugs, similar to what private insurers have now. Adding into the law that the HHS Secretary should be part of the negotiations merely adds a "bully pulpit", he said. It simply makes no sense for Medicare to buy wholesale and pay retail prices.

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Drug price moves in ACA repeal?

In January, the president accused drugmakers of "getting away with murder" on drug prices.

"Large, powerful purchasers negotiate discounts and rebates directly with manufacturers, saving money for both beneficiaries and taxpayers", PhRMA's Holly Campbell said Wednesday, in an email.

"It boiled down to, again, saving people's lives and saving money, and he was clear when you have situations where these companies are jacking up these prices it puts a lot of families in jeopardy".

Umer Raffat, a research analyst Evercore ISI, said the industry felt less jittery after that meeting.