Alec Baldwin Battles Real Aliens On 'SNL' As Commander-In-Chief

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Kicking off the shows cold open, viewers watched as Baldwin imitated Trump in the midst of an alien invasion.

"Really?" asks Moynihan. "This is going to be so easy".

Then, out walks Alec Baldwin in full Trump mode, wearing a military bomber jacket, spewing alien-defense strategies like "bring coal back". These aliens are laughing at us. "They're killing us - and laughing at us".

Baldwin's Trump urges caution when informed that Zorblatt 9 aliens have vaporized California. We don't want to ruin it but let's just say he wouldn't be as inspirational. "I've actually heard that Zorblatt 9 is very lovely, very fantastic", he says.

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The soldier says, "Luckily no lives were lost because no one was staying at the hotel". It's never aliens. Stop saying it's aliens.

But wait. Baldwin's Trump says aliens - "shape shifters" - have already been hiding in America for "hundreds of years", and are in the command post! After a motivational speech by Kenan Thompson, who plays a general, to his military men and women, we get a word from the commander-in-chief. And where is he getting this information? "Infowars, hosted by Alex Jones".

Baldwin's Trump appears not to know the Pledge of Allegiance; in addition to numerous words he can not pronounce, like "demand", he says, "That's is why I hereby demand".

The character is also informed that Trump hotel was attacked in NY, causing 50 million in damages. But much to her dismay, her invention reveals that her own dog is a secret Trump supporter.