Did Netflix just create the ultimate binge-watching hack?

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Netflix merely told The Verge that "We perform hundreds of tests every year to help make the Netflix member experience better".

Apart from the Skip Intro button, the streaming platform also announced that it will be replacing its old five-star rating system with a new thumbs up or down feature. And it's not clear whether or not they'll expand the feature beyond Netflix originals and to shows with cold opens - where the show starts before the opening credits are played. Until now, those who were exhausted of hearing the same jingle for the tenth time during a binging session used the right arrow key to skip a couple of frames, but that always left them either watching the last seconds of the intro or missing the first seconds of the show.

After the longstanding request of many Netflix users, the option to skip intros has been added. Will be you be skipping intros?

Of course there are some people who prefer their intros. Now you can, if you are a Netflix (NFLX) subscriber.

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"Given that star ratings have traditionally been used to indicate quality in entertainment, members were sometimes confused about how to think about rating a title", Netflix said to PCMag via a written statement.

Personally, I like the title sequences of most shows, as they set the mood.

Binge-watchers across the world find it hard to bear the opening credits of shows and repetitive music that plays along every time.

For those that don't want to sit through a minute or two of opening credits on TV shows, Netflix has you covered. Reportedly, Netflix will also soon start an algorithm-based percentage matching system which will show the users the movies that the person will be more inclined to watch.