A Boutique Is Suing Ivanka Trump's Label for 'Unfair Competition'

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-President Trump's daughter, Ivanka Trump, will get an office in the White House's West Wing, along with government-issued communications devices and access to classified information, giving new prominence to her background role as an advisor to the president.

Ivanka Trump will have her own office on the second floor of the West Wing, Politico reported on Monday.

In her unpaid role, Ivanka will "continue to be the eyes and ears of her father and provide candid advice as she has for her entire adult life", her attorney, Jamie Gorelick, said in an NPR interview.

As the Associated Press reports, federal anti-nepotism laws prevent relatives from being appointed to government positions, but as private citizens they can advise the president, which is what Gorelick says Ivanka Trump would do.

Attorney Andrew Herman, who has advised lawmakers on ethics issues, said he thought the administration should make her role official, according to the New York Times. Trump released a statement about her new "position" - which, again, is really not a position at all - clarifying that she will generously comply with "ethics" expected of other "employees".

Modern Appealing Clothing claims that the first daughter's company, Ivanka Trump Marks, has gained an "unfair advantage" in the marketplace by leveraging the influence of the presidency.

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Last week, he quoted from a Fox News report that suggested the Obama administration had asked the United Kingdom to conduct surveillance on Trump.

Her office will be next door to Dina Powell, a member of the National Security Council. As a part of her compliance with the ethics rules, Ivanka is divesting from "common stock, tech investments, investment funds", for example.

It's yet more uncharted ethical ground for an administration already wracked with conflicts-of-interest concerns. Kushner serves as senior adviser to the president. But extracting the first daughter's likeness from her products may prove hard.

The suit also takes exception to Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway seeming to endorse Ivanka's products during a February 9 interview with Fox News.

On Friday, photographs showed Ivanka sitting beside German Chancellor Angela Merkel during a roundtable discussion on vocational training. She has been politically active even before Trump was sworn into office and has accompanied her father to meetings.

FBI Director James Comey also said the FBI has "no information" that supports Trump's unsubstantiated claims that President Obama tapped Trump's phones in Trump Tower during the election.