Google Maps latest feature is something we've all been waiting for

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The new feature is now available only for android users and not for iOS, but Apple Maps on iOS 10 has a similar feature if you have a Bluetooth connection between your vehicle and iPhone. The features appear as a new menu option when users tap the blue dot, which represents the auto, and will place a P icon on the app so people can find their way back to their spot.

You can do this by sharing with Google contacts or by sending a link through messenger apps. In that situation, you won't want to fiddle with choosing a specific period of time for your location to be shared - you might overestimate and need to manually turn off sharing, or underestimate and have your location stop being shared before you reach your destination. But those heading away and leaving their vehicle at an airport or in a city-centre auto park, where people are likely to be overwhelmed by a maze of automobiles, will likely find it a lot more useful.

Google wants to help people answer those age-old (and tiresome) questions - without using any words at all. Apple's default Find My Friends app lets people locate your friends and family from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, or iCloud, and people can also share their whereabouts on iMessage, which pulls from Apple's Maps.

If you've ever tried to meet up with friends at a big expanse like Central Park or Golden Gate Park, you know it can be a pain to find the exact spot where they're hanging out.

The feature is available for both iOS and Android owners, and it will be available soon in markets around the world.

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You can also share your route with a friend.

If someone starts sharing their location with you and you would rather they didn't, you can block their location from appearing on your map. But if you don't want to wait for the wide release then you can download Google Maps v9.49 beta from the Google Play store right now.

This feature is more than just a fun gimmick - it has many practical uses.

A new feature included on beta versions of Google Maps helps drivers remember where they parked their cars.

Last month, the Silicon Valley search giant launched a parking difficulty icon in Google Maps that gives users in the United States a heads-up when parking is limited, allowing them to plan their trip accordingly.