"This is so weird"- Rihanna reacts over Bates Motel debut

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RiRi was so uncomfortable watching the sex scene she filmed during her guest appearance on Bates Motel that when the episode debuted on March 20 the queen took to social media to share her unbelievable pain with anyone who would listen. "I can't", she said, totally freaked out.

Psycho prequel Bates Motel has lifted the lid on Norman's fluid sexuality.

Marion who worked as a notary public then dons a tight gray suit which showed off Rihanna's curves and cleavage as she heads off to work. I can't, I can't hear my voice. "It's, like, gross!" she cringed.

Ultimately, Rih decided the only way to combat the weirdness of it all was to start throwing back tequila shots, so she and her friends created a drinking game for the show.

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But before she meets her gruesome end, the 29-year-old gets down and dirty with on-screen boyfriend Sam Loomis - played by Austin Nichols.

So no wonder newly minted Bates Motel star Rihanna chose to cover up as she stepped out in NY on Monday night.

The scene sets up the second part of Rihanna's two-episode arch on the show. After the producers read that she is a Bates fan in a Vanity Fair story, Cuse made a decision to ask if she would be interested in the role.

He continued: "I think it's no accident that any number of singers have successfully transitioned into acting. Among my personal favorites are Barbara Streisand and Frank Sinatra". The show's executive producer Carlton Cuse, however, teased a different approach to the classic character from the film Psycho. Ehrin said, "We've always been driven by character".

The Hitchcock spin-off has been given a modern-day update from its 1960s predecessor, with Rhi Rhi's scenes featuring in the fifth and final season of the A&E drama-thriller.