Hamilton music scene mourns Chuck Berry

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Obama's salute to the guitarist and singer-songwriter joins a chorus of other industry figures who have paid tribute to the genre icon in recent days, including Carole King, Brian Wilson, Joan Jett, and Lenny Kravitz. He nudges out Little Richard for the top honor and stands a head above Elvis Presley for the coveted King of Rock title. It was a language he understood in his bones.

Bruce Springsteen hailed Berry as the greatest rocker of all time.

Chuck Berry was rock's greatest practitioner, guitarist, and the greatest pure rock "n" roll writer who ever lived.

Berry performed an extended version of his risque song My Ding A-Ling at the city's famous Locarno Ballroom in 1972, splitting the audience into gender groups with the girls singing "I want you to play with" followed by the male response of "my Ding A-Ling".

With the exception of a stint or two in jail, Chuck Berry has never stopped touring. He was always a thrill to see live. Among them being The Rolling Stones, who considered Berry a huge influence on their own music. In the end, the title may fall to Little Richard because there will be no one left to dispute it.

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Chuck Berry was the greatest creative force in the birth of rock "n" roll.

Some of Berry's classics, covered by hundreds of artists over the decades, include Johnny B Goode and Roll Over Beethoven. He will be missed by everyone who loves Rock "n" Roll.

He posted: "I am so sad to hear about Chuck Berry passing - a big inspiration!". He received a degree in hairdressing and cosmetology and worked for a time as a beautician; he married Themetta Suggs in 1948 and started a family. A fountainhead of rock, Berry was both original and synthesizer, who like Duke Ellington, Bob Wills, Bill Monroe and others who assimilated ideas from others, added their own ideas to create a distinctive and influential musical identity.

It was a million-seller and Berry's first and only No. 1 pop single. Berry's hybrid music, along with his charisma and showmanship, drew white as well as black listeners to the Cosmopolitan Club in St. Louis. Springsteen's "Born to Run" is rock romance and adventure in the grandest Berry style. The pair, Escalante later told police, engaged in a sexual relationship, although Berry would later maintain that the teenager had told him she was 21 and that, despite checking into a shared motel room together, they had not had sexual contact. "Chuck you were amazing&your music is engraved inside us forever".

John Covach is director of the University of Rochester Institute for Popular Music and Professor of Theory at the Eastman School of Music.