NC Legislature Passes Compromise Bill That Rolls Back Some Provisions In HB2

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Gov. Roy Cooper had been scheduled to address the group, but instead remained in Raleigh to focus on the bill.

ACC Commissioner John Swofford issued a statement Thursday that said no decisions have been made. Why are we allowing them to dictate to us, laws that govern the protection of our people? It was unclear if the legislation would be sufficient to bring back the basketball games, concerts, financial firms and technology companies that abandoned North Carolina, costing its economy hundreds of millions of dollars. It actually makes things worse for North Carolina's trans community. Texas' Senate Bill 6, similarly criticized by LGBT activists as discriminatory like North Carolina's bathroom bill, requires bathroom usage according to individual's "biological sex". Only a complete repeal, with nothing else, will do, they say. We demand a full, clean repeal, and that includes comprehensive non-discrimination protections.

After a year of backlash, the compromise plan was announced Wednesday night. It was worked out under mounting pressure from the NCAA, which threatened to take away more sporting events.

The deal also blocks North Carolina cities for almost four years from enacting their own regulations for job and restroom protections to groups classified as vulnerable.

Guitarist Steven Van Zandt of Springsteen's band is one of several critics of the repeal bill. The law not only forbids transgender people from using restrooms they identify with in government facilities; it also prevents local governments from passing non-discrimination ordinances like the one in Charlotte that inspired it.

The new proposal would repeal HB2 and leave state legislators in charge of policy on public multi-stall restrooms.

Several LGBT activists decried the deal's provisions, including the bar on municipalities regulating employment practices and "public accommodations". Under the bill approved Thursday, local governments can't pass new nondiscrimination protections for workplaces, hotels and restaurants until December 2020.

The deal was reached between North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper and two state lawmakers, Sen.

Not everyone is pleased with the deal between the Republican-controlled Legislature and the Democratic governor.

"Disappointed the #NCGA just voted for a bill which fails to end LGBT discrimination in a move to put basketball over civil rights".

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Chris Sgro, executive director of Equality NC, called the agreement a "shell piece of a legislation", in which the LGBTQ groups had not been consulted.

North Carolina NAACP President the Rev. William Barber says the new bill is convoluted and is a furtherance of discrimination.

The announcement followed a flurry of activity on repealing the law more commonly referred to as the "bathroom bill".

I applaud Governor Cooper's relentless efforts to find a compromise, even in the face of unprecedented obstruction by the General Assembly.

Republican House Speaker Tim Moore said that he hadn't spoken directly to the NCAA but that he had been told by business leaders who served as intermediaries that the bill should prove acceptable to the NCAA. Dan Bishop, spoke out against the new deal. It now moves on to the Senate floor, where it must survive two additional votes before moving to the House for a final vote. Members of the House soundly voted down that motion 85-34.

Social conservatives preferred keeping HB2 while gay rights groups want a complete repeal.

- As quickly as House Bill 2 was enacted 53 weeks ago, the controversial state law limiting LGBT rights and transgender bathroom access was knocked down on Thursday. It was hailed as a compromise by its authors but as a weak measure by others. And it stipulates that local governments can't pass their own anti-discrimination laws until December 2020.

James Esseks, director of the ACLU LGBT Project, said lawmakers "should be ashamed of this backroom deal".

How lawmakers voted on HB2 repeal Cooper likewise appealed to people to accept the deal because nothing better was available. That rule allowed transgender people to use the restroom of their choice.

College athletics' governing body said that it is deciding this week on locations for tournaments through the spring of 2022 and that it won't award any to North Carolina if the law known as House Bill 2 is on the books.