Syrian refugee numbers in the region surpasses 5 million

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Grandi mentioned that one year after the decision to create 500,000 for the resettlement of refugees, only half of the target number was reached.

"Countries outside the Middle East must take in more Syrians under long-term resettlement programmes".

No specific incident has prompted this marker of 5 million refugees, United Nations refugee agency spokesman Babar Baloch told the AP.

A year after an worldwide conference to increase the places for refugee resettlement and offer alternative channels for Syrian refugee admission, only half the 500,000 places asked for have been given, UNHCR warned.

Lebanon hosts more than one million Syrians, while almost 700,000 had taken refuge in Jordan. "As many States know from first-hand experience, resettlement not only gives refugees the opportunity to re-build their lives, but also enriches the communities that welcome them". The tiny country beset with internal divisions now hosts the highest concentration of refugees and its people are often praised by world leaders for generously shouldering the burden of so many refugees.

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Such legal pathways include family reunification programmes and study visas. Near 400,000 people have been killed during the war, which began six years ago.

Beyond the 5 million Syrian refugees that have fled the country, there are millions of others who are displaced within its borders. Ties between Ankara and Washington were strained under Obama particularly over USA cooperation with Syrian Kurdish militia fighting against the Islamic State group.

Tens of thousands of Syrians live in two large camps, Zaatari and Azraq, but the majority live in homes and apartments, able to access the job market but competing for scarce employment.

There have been several warnings that fighting had damaged the dam, especially after the Britain-based Observatory reported last week that the facility stopped operation, without specifying a reason. He also said Lebanon's infrastructure was made to sustain four million people but the same infrastructure is now bearing 6 million people due to the presence of Syrian and Palestinian refugees.

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