Twitter Eases 140-character Limit in Replies

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Twitter made an announcement last May that it would be making changes that would let people use more of their assigned 140 characters per Tweet for the content they would be choosing instead of an infrastructure of the Twitter. "Also, with all 140 characters for you replies, you have more room to participate in group conversations", Sasank Reddy, Product Manager, writes.

Users will be able to read conversations without obstruction caused otherwise due to usernames crowding tweets and replies.

Twitter said these changes, which are rolling out now to the Twitter site and its apps for iOS and Android, are based on feedback and research.

Nearly every month or so Twitter rolls out new changes, pleasing some users and infuriating most others. But even with that, there is another person who says, "No, just tweet again that you made a mistake". One thing that's remained consistent, though, has been the 140 character limit.

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"As an example of the new limits, if I receive a tweet from my colleague Lufemi Ajasa saying, "How are you doing @oyiboediri?" and reply, traditionally, the "@OlufemiAjasa" part would count against the 140 characters. You can find more details about how replies work in our help center. This new feature from Twitter is gong to be a big advantage to those who loves to have twitter conversations.

Now the company is rolling it out to all of its 319 million active users (up to 48 million of whom might not care because they're bots, according to a recent study).

Twitter also said it would stop counting usernames, but the change did not go into effect until now. Twitter also claims that their tests have found that with this new experience, people are engaging more with conversations on Twitter. Some critics argued that it will make it more hard to combat harassment, hate speech and abuse on the platform. As such, Twitter has already stopped counting media files such as links, polls, GIFs, photos, videos and quotes against 140 character limit.