On 'Equal Pay Day,' fight over gender wage gap rages on

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According to the National Pay Equity Committee, Equal Pay Day - the feminist-created holiday meant to signify how far into the year women have to work to make up for last year's wage gap - falls on April 4 this year.

Such findings are based on false assumptions that women make 20 percent less doing exactly the same work in the same jobs alongside men, without controlling for factors such as varying numbers of hours worked, marital status, education, occupation, children and uninterrupted years of service, Perry said.

Today is Equal Pay Day, and to mark the occasion, the Womens Fund Miami Dade is highlighting an eye-opening finding from recent research: If working women in Florida were paid the same as comparable men in their field, the number of women living in poverty in the Sunshine State would drop by 50 percent.

For one out of every ten job openings we analyzed, companies offered men salaries that were at least 20% higher than those they offered to women. This issue speaks to how we value women's labor, knowledge, time, training and so much more.

This breakdown looks even worse than the data from 2014, but Wyoming Women's Foundation Program Associate Rebekah Smith said she has a few anecdotal examples of women moving toward wage parity.

"Not only does the gender wage gap rob women of a fair paycheck, it makes families less secure and slows economic growth", Maine Speaker of the House Sara Gideon, D-Freeport, said in a statement Tuesday.

Want to spin a narrative badly enough and there's probably a way to do it, as evidenced by Equal Pay Day and the wage gap myth.

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Although progress has been made in narrowing the wage gap, it's estimated the problem won't be completely erased for another century. "It needs to be updated, and the Paycheck Fairness Act could do that". "Kentucky women lose a combined total of more than $9.2 billion every year. almost 218,000 Kentucky households headed by women, 36 percent of which are in poverty".

Media earnings for men in OH were more than 50 thousand dollars compared a little more than 37 thousand dollars for women.

"We can't predict so life throws us everything we're not ready for or expecting, so it's nice to have good people around you", she says.

One profession appears to be lagging behind all the rest when it comes to women's pay.

There are critics of such wage-gap findings. While as of now only MA employers will be prohibited from asking about current pay, employers in other states are not permitted to rely on current pay when determining what a new employee's salary will be.

"This isn't just about equal opportunity, this is about more effectiveness for your company, and I thought that was a really important message that came out of this hearing", McSally said at last Tuesday's hearing.

We spoke to five career strategists about how to navigate negotiating as a woman of color. And when a researcher performed an experiment in which women could negotiate on behalf of a friend, they won salaries equal to those of men, but won $7,000 less when negotiating on their own behalf.