Britney Spears concert spurs postponement of Labor party leadership vote

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Britney Spears is massively popular.

Israel's Labor Party was scheduled to hold its leadership election on July 3, but the party poll has just been pushed back a day to July 4 "because of a "major event" in Tel Aviv's Hayarkon Park".

A Labor party spokesperson said that the decision to move the election would "make it easier for people to reach the polling stations".

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Rather it is because the Spears concert appears to have cornered the market in security guards and ushers, leaving Labour unable to find staff to secure its election event as well as concern over heavy traffic anticipated from those attending her gig.

A Britney Spears concert is a big enough deal to delay the Democratic process in Israel. After a huge Election Night defeat in November 2016, the chairperson election was considered a big deal amongst the country's liberal and progressive Democrat party members.

The Tel Aviv concert marks the beginning of a series of summer shows which so far includes stops in Israel, Manila and Japan, and will be the first time the Princess of Pop has embarked on a world tour in six years. British Britney fans are eagerly awaiting the announcement of any United Kingdom dates.