Zika Outbreak 'Not Going Away — CDC

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"(We've) seen it can cause vision, hearing, brain problems and others", said Dr. Anne Schuchat, the CDC's acting director. "With warm weather, a new mosquito season and summer travel rapidly approaching, prevention is crucial to protect the health of mothers and babies". This report is the first of its kind, to present an analysis from a sample of U.S. women with a definite case of Zika infection during pregnancy. The study aimed to determine the spread of Zika virus in the United States. "I think most of us are good about telling our patients about the travel advisories, so a lot of women are preventing the family vacations and things like that to those areas". Fourteen of the pregnancies were traced to infection in the first trimester, while 28 could have been infected during any trimester.

"This illustrates the fact that, despite Zika awareness being high, there is still much clinical education that needs to occur for the U.S.to be able to effectively manage an outbreak", Adalja said. Among 157 pregnancies in which women had symptom onset or exposure to ZVI during the first trimester, 14 (9%) fetuses and infants had reported birth defects. The CDC report also revealed that many physicians aren't carefully tracking pregnancies threatened by Zika. Singapore reported the first case of pregnant woman with Zika virus infection, among 24 newly reported cases of locally transmitted Zika virus, the country's Health Ministry said on Wednesday.

In 2016, pregnant women in 44 states in the US showed signs of Zika infection.

Zika virus-associated birth defects were reported for about 5 percent of fetuses and infants from completed pregnancies with laboratory evidence of possible recent Zika infection. Of the 1,000 who completed their pregnancies by the end of the year, more than 50 had Zika-related birth defects. Of these pregnancies, 972 were confirmed to be Zika infected by lab evidence, which resulted in 895 live births and 77 losses (abortions, miscarriages, stillbirths).

"Prevention is key", Honein said. Puerto Rico, which has a separate registry, has recorded 3,363 cases in pregnant women.

Officials advise people - especially pregnant women - to wear mosquito repellent and avoid travel to areas where Zika is endemic.

Among the almost 900 live births from pregnancies with possible recent Zika virus infection, postnatal neuroimaging was reported for only about 25 percent, and Zika virus testing of at least one infant specimen was conducted in 65 percent of these patients.

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Although microcephaly has been the most high-profile birth defect associated with Zika infections, congenital Zika syndrome is associated with a broad range of symptoms.

That number climbs to 10% when looking at women with confirmed Zika infections.

The study, published Tuesday in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, is the largest so far to estimate the risk of severe birth defects from Zika infections in pregnant women.

As of December, the state lifted the infection zone on Miami Beach. Philip said having the state conduct the test, known as a plaque reduction neutralization test, will cut wait times from two to three months to several weeks.

The team also analysed 250 women with definitive test results for Zika. Even with these caveats, the numbers presented by the CDC are troubling. In 2016, the Florida Department of Health confirmed 1,112 travel-related infections.

It may seem like Zika is last year's problem, she said, but that is not true, and pregnant women, their male partners, and clinicians can't be complacent.