Google brings video stabilisation to its Photos Android app

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Google Photos has finally added video stabilization in v2.13 after announcing that it would be coming to the app but not giving users a date to work with. Keep in mind that there will be some cropping of the original video, however, you can tap the Stabilized button to toggle between the two versions while it is playing.

Next up, see the same footage with none of the clever new Google Photos video stabilization.

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Google Photos is getting a big update that brings a ton of new features to the popular service, but there is one in particular that deserves a special mention: stabilization. In 2015, Google had segregated the cloud storage solution for photos out of Google+ into the presently available Photos app.

Unfortunately, it comes at a cost: you'll notice some warping in your video which makes it look like reality is breaking. In addition to the stabilization feature, the update also hints at some upcoming features. When you tap it, you'll see a progress bar to show you the, well, progress, of the video processing. If you want to grab the latest version of Google Photos that has video stabilization included, you can grab the APK from the button below, although the update should already be live on the Play Store. Besides, none of the codes actually point to features specific to photo-sharing but circle-sharing. Still Google will save a copy of the original in your library, so you can always go back to the original if you find you like it more. We still have no idea what Google plans to do with Google+ since they seem to be spinning off various features of it into brand new products. Hit the comment section below to comment.