Uber takes to the skies with next ride-hailing project

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Uber had previously given the vague timeline of launching its flying taxi service "in the coming decade".

It said initial networks would be set up in the U.S. city of Dallas and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Uber thinks that buying flying automobiles is important to safeguarding its company, and pictures full-blown operations of a flying vehicle network introducing in 2023. They claim their zero-emissions vehicles will be electric and quiet, taking off and landing vertically - like a helicopter.

An Uber spokesman said that over time it was highly likely that the vehicles would become autonomous, although the company expects initial operations will require pilots.

Uber has said it wants to launch a system of flying cars to move people around cities, with a goal of putting demonstration projects in place by 2020. But he identified a number of companies that could be approached to create that propulsion design, among them Aurora Flight Sciences, Bell Helicopter, Embraer, Mooney International and Pipistrel. Uber is now working with aerospace firms such as Aurora, Embraer, Bell Helicopter, Mooney and Pipistrel to develop the aircraft which would be piloted by trained staff. These companies primarily specialize in building small electric aircrafts and will work with Uber to build ones specifically for densely populated areas.

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The company thinks it can offer rides in flying vehicles for about the exact same price as an UberX ride.

After launching the 2017-2021 digital strategy, Mattar Al Tayer, director general and chairman of RTA said: "Safety is our priority".

Flying cars have been a Sci-Fi prediction since rubber first hit the road with the street automobile, but the fantasy of flying cars has always been just that - a fantasy. We are working on the certification process and have set up a committee.

Could you imagine riding in a flying taxi within three years? But its announcement Tuesday gave us the when, where and how.

The EHANG184 vehicle is fitted with a touchscreen to the front of the passenger seat displaying a map of all destinations in the form of dots and has preset routes from which the rider can choose a destination. Currently, if you travel this distance by public transportation on land, you'll need more than two hours.