Some rivers receding, but Mississippi River remains high

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While an outbreak of severe weather is not in the forecast, there remains a possibility of isolated storms associated with this system that could include high winds, drenching rainfall, unsafe lightning and hail. "There's a lot of levees here that aren't in good shape", Galloway said, many of which aren't covered or even monitored by federal authorities. Particularly hard hit is northeast Arkansas, where late April/early May torrential rains have caused extensive flooding of areas surrounding the Black River and White River.

It's unclear when vessel traffic will be allowed to resume along the Mississippi. "Where they won't go, I won't go", he said.

The Running Water levee, as the system near the town is called, was originally built in the early 1900s, but fell into disrepair over the decades, with trees growing along it and animals burrowing into it, according to the Democrat-Gazette. Officials in southwest Illinois' Randolph County say the bridge in Chester will close at noon today because flood gates are being installed on the Missouri side, preventing vehicles from getting to the bridge.

The Captains' Return statue, which honors explorers Lewis and Clark, sits partially submerged on May 5, in a flooding Mississippi River in St. Louis.

"We are trying to fight it, but given the prediction, it could get into the office space", Anselmo said. Route 94 is also closed from Route 47 through Dutzow.

While floods have always been a part of life along the Mississippi, these changes to the atmosphere, as well as changing land-use, such as channel narrowing, will likely raise the risk of devastating flooding to the Mississippi Valley in the future.

Route 21/Tesson Ferry (St. Louis County) at Meramec River - Northbound and soundbound lanes and all ramps are open.

I-55 is expected to stay closed the rest of the week.

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Schools throughout the Midwest canceled classes on Thursday.

"The flooding in the middle part of the county has been unbelievable over the last couple of days. and we have more rain on the way, if you can believe that", meteorologist Ari Sarsalari said during his forecast on Wednesday night.

Torrential rain from the last weekend of April set the flooding disaster in motion. "So you need to be prepared for having Highway 44 closed down this weekend". Creeks swelled, roads and bridges collapsed, and rivers to rose above flood stage, flooding thousands of acres of crop and pasture land. The Brussels Ferry in Grafton is also closed.

LOUIS (AP) _Floodwaters are receding in many hard-hit Midwestern communities, but the worst is yet to come on the Mississippi River.

Shayna Kremer took several photos in Pacific, another city along the Meramec River, on Tuesday evening showing streets flooded in all directions.

In the town of Pocahontas, there are not many ways in or out.

Forecasters said up to 4 inches of rain will fall in the saturated St. Louis area.