Simone Biles on 'Dancing': Smiling doesn't win gold medals

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During the quarterfinals of Dancing With the Stars on Monday, Simone Biles struggled to get the positive reaction that she wanted out of the judges.

"I feel like I don't know you yet", judge Carrie Ann Inaba said after Simone and her partner Sasha Farber performed their first dance of the night, a Foxtrot to "What Makes You Beautiful". Inaba mentioned that Biles did a better job showing emotion and said she "danced like a metronome" because her movements were "on the beat".

"I don't know if the smile is authentic".

When Bergeron inquired as to why she didn't appear more excited about Inaba's compliments, she snickered a bit and replied that "smiling doesn't win you gold medals". So the judges felt Simone's moves were too flawless and robotic rather than authentic.

He added: 'You've got to lift your game up - come back stronger and let's see those 10 paddles coming out'. She was utterly serious and only gave her signature smile once during the dance.

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Many women don't like being told to smile, and might appreciate Simone Biles' response in the face of such an expectation. "I feel like I am trying, I am being honest".

Host Tom Bergeron then chose to question Biles as to why she didn't smile at the moments she received compliments. "I smile through it that's what I do".

"I had tears in my eyes".

"Standing there getting those scores I know exactly how Simone is, she's only 20 years old, and to hear all those things, I could feel her heart just hurting". Were the judges too harsh on Simone or do they have a point about her needing to show more emotion in her dancing?

Bruno Tonioli agreed, telling her: 'You hit everything with such a ruthless efficiency and because of that at times we lose artistry'.