About 37000 AT&T workers go on three-day strike

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A handful of employees inside the AT&T store at 4900 Transit Road walked off the job and joined over two dozen other striking Communication Workers of America members. CEO Randall Stephenson got a raise of several million dollars a year ago, bringing his personal take-home pay up to $28.4 million in 2016. Since December, AT&T workers have picketed retail stores in San Francisco, New York, Boston, Seattle, Chicago, San Diego and other cities, hung banners on freeway overpasses, organized rallies and marches and confronted the corporation at its annual meeting in Dallas.

AT&T Wireless workers - some 21,000 of them - have given management until Friday, May 19 at 3 p.m. ET to come to the table with "serious proposals that invest in good jobs with a future". They are also protesting the company outsourcing jobs.

To keep raking in the profits, AT&T has ruthlessly pursued subcontracting of call center work. Another 2,000 are DirecTV workers in California and Nevada.

AT&T customers could find it hard to obtain help this weekend if something were to happen to their DirecTV, U-Verse, or AT&T wireless service, as AT&T union workers walked off the job today following failed contract negotiations.

Out on Long Island, Teamsters Local 812 members went on strike April 23, when the company cut drivers' wages by 30% and ended the workers' pension.

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"AT&T doesn't want to bargain with us, so we're taking a stand. Coming around, asking, 'How many sales did you make?' They monitor every call, they nitpick every call that we take in there, and it's not a very good morale", said Sofia Simons, secretary for CWA Local 7110.

AT&T shares closed Friday trading up 0.74% to $38.23 per share.

"This is a warning to AT&T: there's only one way out of this now - a fair contract. Even my son will be out there with me".

Managers across the country have been spreading misinformation and threatening workers with discipline if they participate in the strike, so strong community and labor support on the picket lines will be essential if a walkout occurs. Sponsors play no role in editorial content.