Sony Confirms Playstation 3 Production has Ended, 80M Consoles Sold Since Launch

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Sony recently confirmed the news on the Japanese PlayStation website, noting that shipments of the 500GB PS3-the only one still in production-have ceased. The changelog simply mentions that this update brings stability and overall performance improvements for the console. Sony is set to completely retire the incredible PS3.

The PS3 came equipped with distinctive cell microprocessor-powered architecture, which was another barrier for adoption.

Last month, Sony India also introduced the PS4 Slim bundling an AAA game title - Horizon Zero Dawn - for the same price. Wikipedia lists 1,433 PS3 games released or to be released on Blu-ray disc for PlayStation 3.

Some of May 2017 games lineup titles are still available for all the fans on PS3, PS4, and PS Vita. The rotating free games, in particular, was a feature that Microsoft would later emulate as an addition to its Xbox Live Gold membership. Some of the titles are even available on multiple platforms, while many are PlayStation Vita exclusive games.

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But now it seems that Sony are ready to mix things up a little. But, Sony made the decision because it was the only bluray player of the time and also had the most powerful graphics card, processor that enabled it to last so long.

One fact, which has not been highlighted in the official change log, is that Sony has changed the iconography for the device, as pointed out by Polygon. Since its launch in the market, a whopping 84 million PS3 consoles have reportedly been sold across the globe.

Hopefully, Sony will be able to fix the observed issues of the PlayStation 4 Update 4.70 soon.

The remaining PS3 games in development include Cars 3, based on the new Pixar movie, and perennial sports titles National Basketball Association 2K18 and, for Europe only, Pro Evolution Soccer 2018. While some lamented the loss of the original PlayStation 3 model - a powerhouse console that was capable of playing almost any media source including PlayStation 2 games - the accessibility of later PlayStation models certainly helped Sony recover some of the ground they lost.