Health care on Senate Republicans' Agenda

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is proposing to keep in place Obamacare's protection against higher health-insurance premiums for people with pre-existing conditions when they buy individual coverage, said a Republican aide familiar with the recommendation. By contrast, the organization's schedule for June 2016, when reporters were out covering campaigns and President Barack Obama was nearly out the door, still featured plenty of press conferences, breakfasts, luncheons and newsmaker events. A White House official told CNN on Saturday that Trump would focus on infrastructure for the following week, including trips to OH and the Department of Transportation office in Washington. Former FBI Director James Comey, who was sacked by Trump, is scheduled to testify before the Senate committee on Thursday.

Even Marc Short, President Donald Trump's legislative affairs director, this week acknowledged that all of the focus on the Russian Federation investigations "detracts from our legislative agenda".

To be sure, the city has not ground to a halt.

To combat the idea that Trump's momentum is stalled, the White House has begun to set up a series of week-long policy pushes to spur movement.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said Wednesday that Trump was "not letting the distractions get in the way" of his focus on infrastructure and other items on his agenda, even as Washington's focus shifted to Comey's release of written testimony a day in advance of his appearance in the Capitol.

Determined to protect former President Barack Obama's landmark heath care law, Democrats are seizing the moment to repeatedly call on Republicans to abandon their repeal efforts - and team up with Democrats on improving the Affordable Care Act instead.

Trump, who earlier this year lashed out at House Republicans for initially balking at a repeal effort, put light pressure on the Senate during the meeting.

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"The Russia investigation takes a lot of oxygen, it takes a lot of attention", said Republican Rep. Tom Cole of Oklahoma, a veteran lawmaker.

Congressional Republicans are eager to move beyond health care in order to take up tax reform and FY2018 federal government funding.

"Everybody's going to be a little skittish about casting votes to support a Trump agenda when you don't know what's the next shoe that's going to drop", says Edwards, who spent 16 years in the House from 1977 to 1992 and served in the GOP leadership. "They can deal with a vague Senate provision and a detailed House provision in conference". "And with Russian Federation, they're totally diverted". That investigation is in the hands of a special prosecutor and Congress' intelligence committees. Public disapproval has hardened Trump's opposition, giving Democrats hope for the future and has provided some Republicans the cover to stand up to the President when needed. At a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing Wednesday on the surveillance law, questions to the nation's intelligence chiefs repeatedly pivoted instead toward the Russian Federation investigation. Finally, hanging above all of this is the Russian Federation investigation, which is clearly only just beginning in both the House and Senate Intelligence Committees. It allows the House and the Senate to pass a bill with just a simple majority of votes. Ron Wyden said Tuesday. Already, I've heard one father say he may need to move to another state if the Republicans have their way and his child is no longer able to get the care he needs. We haven't had witnesses. Trump denies any collusion with Russian Federation, and has called the investigation a "witch hunt". "I am thinking it through", said Sen. But he acknowledged that "our relationships with Russian Federation are at a very low point and they've been deteriorating".

"We're ready to land this airplane", Sen.

"Obviously it does something for pre-existing conditions, that's incredibly important to the American people", he said. And Trump's top aides are now acknowledging the problem.

Many lawmakers have been clamoring for new sanctions on Russian Federation over its alleged meddling in the 2016 US election, annexation of Ukraine's Crimea region and support for Syria's government in that country's six-year-long civil war. "To what extent, I think it's hard for me to answer".