Qatar Hires Former US Attorney General To Rebut Terrorism Allegations

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Saudi Arabia and Bahrain issued statements welcoming US President Donald Trump's demand the previous day for Qatar to stop supporting terrorism, while ignoring a US State Department call for them to ease pressure.

On Monday, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain led a string of countries that cut ties with Qatar over what they say is the emirate's financing of extremist groups and its ties to Iran, Saudi Arabia's regional arch-rival.

Qatar has denounced the allegations of terror funding as baseless and has received the support of its close ally Turkey, which has approved the deployment of troops to defend the emirate.

"President Erdogan stressed that this tragic event -contradicting our religion, belief and traditions- should be resolved before the holy month of Ramadan ends while he emphasized his sadness over the crisis", said Cavusoglu who spoke at a joint news conference with his Bahraini counterpart Shaikh Khalid bin Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa in Istanbul. Sheikh Mohammed said his aim was to inform Russian Federation about "illegal measures" taken against Qatar.

"We are not ready to surrender", Qatar's foreign minister says
And he was even tougher on media reports suggesting Qatar supports the Iran-backed Shiite Huthi rebels fighting the internationally recognised government in Yemen.

Turkish warplanes and ships will also be dispatched and a Turkish delegation plans to go to Qatar in the coming days to assess the base.

"We are of the view that all parties should resolve their differences through a process of constructive dialogue and peaceful negotiations based on well-established global principles of mutual respect, sovereignty and non interference in the internal affairs of other countries", it added.

Donald Trump backed Riyadh and Abu Dhabi's decision to isolate Qatar while the U.S. secretaries of defence and state sought to calm the situation among its closest Arab partners, all of whom play a key role in USA counterterrorism and security policies in the region.

On Friday the two countries imposed sanctions on 59 individuals and a dozen organisations based in Qatar for financial ties to Islamist militias from Libya to Yemen, as well as Al Qaeda. Worldwide terrorism, violent extremism and religious intolerance pose grave threat not only to regional stability but also to the global peace and order and must be confronted by all countries in a coordinated and comprehensive manner, it said. Ankara further moved to send stockpiles of food and water supplies aboard cargo planes to the tiny Gulf country. It hosts the forward headquarters of the USA military's central command in the region.