In its upcoming season, Broad City will bleep Donald Trump's name

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Comedy Central's "Broad City" has announced that it will edit out "Trump" in the upcoming season as though the name of the president were a profanity.

"Broad City" is coming back for Season 4, and you won't be hearing much about President Trump: The stars have made it clear that Mr. Trump has no place on their show.

With the deeply horrifying mistake that is the Trump administration looking like it's here to stay (for now), the mostly-liberal entertainment industry is having to make some hard decisions as to how they address the current political climate.

A spokesperson for the show told BuzzFeed News that Trump's name, while spoken in that part of trailer, will be bleeped in the show.

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Donald Trump is getting no love from the TV show Broad City on Comedy Central. Broad City star and co-creator Iliana Glazer said during a recent interview that she's not about to give any airtime to America's current "orange" presidential person. Specifically, one episode involved Glazer's character volunteering to campaign for Clinton. They went in assuming Clinton would win the election.

"This game-show host became president of our country, we rewrote a lot", Glazer said.

Despite effectively eliminating Trump from Broad City's upcoming season, Glazer and Jacobson will still address relevant sociopolitical issues with their trademark scathing wit. The clip shows Ilana blurting out a quick "F-k you, Trump" before going continuing on with her attempt to orgasm.

Interestingly enough, the trailer for season four seems to feature a snippet from the episode in question, and although "Trump" is not bleeped in the clip, the word that comes immediately before it is.