Interactive Spider-Man Can Be Your New Best Friend

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Sphero's interactive Spider-Man is Wi-Fi connected, but only for content updates. That being said, kids can still run around a room with Spidey pretending to fight baddies, as a built-in motion sensor triggers sound effects like punches, kicks, and Spider-Man's web shooters.

Stay tuned to our Marvel's Spider-Man preview straight from the E3 show floor, which should be swinging to the site soon.

The toy is a nice little tie-in with the new Spider-Man movie that has been getting a lot of traction recently.

The Interactive Spider-Man never had trouble hearing me, even when I spoke softly, and I never had difficulty hearing or understanding the sound coming out of the single speaker in his belly. Now, as we await Spider-Man Homecoming, Sphero has announced a new must-have geek gadget.

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Aside from Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, which comes out August 22, many of Sony's most ambitious and anticipated exclusive games don't have firm release dates, and it will likely be 2018 before we see several of them. It couldn't be better timing then for Sphero to unveil what may be the most unique Spider-Man item for fans. Spider-Man doesn't just represent power and responsibility: He's a hero who protects a city and pledges that every time he dons his mask that nobody will die under his watch. You know, standard friendly neighborhood hero stuff. You can also ask him what his favorite color is or what he's up to, and his responses will be just as quirky and playful as you'd expect from Spider-Man himself. In the game next to the story, you will also be saving people, which is important to complete a mission properly.

The interactive device looks different from anything else Sphero has created, in that it's stationary and made of a rubber material - all the company's other toys are designed to move.

We've come a long way when it comes to interactive toys.

Furthermore, Spider-Man only listens to commands after the spider logo on his chest has been double-pressed, or during the back-and-forth conversation of an adventure.