Alex Jones interview draws 3.5 million viewers

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NBC noted Kelly's radioactive interview, which had been a top media story for days, outdelivered CBS's 60 Minutes rerun [which it was up against] in the [news] demo.

"I tend to believe that children did probably die there [at Sandy Hook], but then you look at all the other evidence on the other side I could see how other people believe that nobody died there", Jones told Kelly in a type of response she earlier referred to as "classic Alex Jones", which is, "reckless accusations followed by equivocations and excuses". If you would like to discuss another topic, look for a relevant article. "Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly" had 6.2 million viewers for Kelly's interview of Vladimir Putin on the show's June 4 debut. Or "Megyn Kelly turns over rock in search of slug and finds Alex Jones" - that sort of thing.

Jones claims that he secretly recorded all of his discussions with Kelly as evidence, suggesting that it's a hedge against amusing business NBC might pull in the editing process of the interview.

Kelly said Jones never completely disavowed his previous statements about the killings being a hoax.

Lawyers who represent 12 people who lost loved ones at Sandy Hook urged NBC News officials not to air the interview. The controversy escalated after Jones leaked a portion of a phone conversation with Kelly to his InfoWars website ahead of Sunday's broadest.

One-time Niagara Falls survivor dies after apparent repeat stunt
Three people have survived going over the falls without protection since Jones first did it, the Post-Standard reported. Jones reportedly told his friend he would probably make a lot of money if he was able to do the stunt and survive.

Why do we say that?

Of course, what Kelly was clearly demonstrating was that there is no vetting process.

Moving into a prosecutorial mode that was frequently her strength on Fox, Kelly did press him, enlisting a Newtown parent and MSNBC contributor Charlie Sykes to help contextualize the "toxic paranoia" that he spreads among his listeners.

"I think my influence on Trump is way, way lower than what MSM (mainstream media) has said", he commented, saying he and the president were "friendly", but not friends. Kelly, who has many miles to go before she finds her footing as a big-time newsmagazine anchor, can and has done worse.

She then was a key figure in the downfall of former Fox News chief Roger Ailes, telling in-house investigators of inappropriate conduct by Ailes that supported Gretchen Carlson and other women who had made similar accusations.