World's refugee and displacement crisis hits record high

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A record 65.6 million people were forcibly displaced worldwide by the end of 2016, reports the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) - a number higher than the U.K.'s entire population.

"This equates to one person becoming displaced every three seconds - less than the time it takes to read this sentence", UNHCR pointed out in a statement.

International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau announced the additional funding today on trip to the country where millions have been displaced by a civil war.

Despite the decrease, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi has termed it as a "disappointing failure" of the UN legateship. Elsewhere, large numbers of refugees fled Burundi (121,700 newly recognised refugees), Iraq (81,900), Eritrea (69,600), Afghanistan (69,500), and Nigeria (64,700).

The UNHCR said there have been annual increases to the global displacement total for the past five years, but while the 2016 total increased, the rate at which displacement grew that year slowed.

The total refugee population - those seeking safety across worldwide borders - was about 22.5 million, the highest number since the UNHCR was established in 1950 following WWII.

The total number of displaced people worldwide, a figure that includes refugees, asylum-seekers and people uprooted inside their own countries, was some 300,000 higher at the end of 2016 than at the end of 2015, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said.

"We are in an extremely hard situation and ultimately the solution has to come from worldwide states upholding their obligations and supporting refugees, but also helping to bring crises to a close", said Matthew Saltmarsh, spokesman for the UNHCR.

Uganda, for instance, has over the past year received more than 2,000 refugees from South Sudan each and every day - more than many European countries took in a year, NRC chief Egeland pointed out.

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Half of all refugees were children.

The report warns that although the growth in the number of displaced people has slowed for the first time in recent years, large numbers of people are on the move. Twelve million people in the country were forced to abandon their homes in 2016 - that's more than half of the country's population.

Almost 65 million people are displaced worldwide.

"We have to do better for these people".

"About 2,000 people crossed the border from South Sudan into Uganda each day over the last twelve months".

As in numerous less-developed countries that host most of the world's refugees, the newcomers are encouraged to become assets to the economy. "For a world in conflict, what is needed is determination and courage, not fear".

The conflict in Syria has produced the largest number of refugees at 5.5 million and displaced people overall at 12 million people.

The United Nations (UN) has said that now 60 million people in the world are refugees, asylum seekers or homeless in their own country whereas Pakistan hosts 1.4 million refugees.