Doom Update 6.66 Will Make all Season Pass Content Free

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The update is numbered 6.66, keeping to the Doom theme, and aims to rework much of the game's multiplayer portion, as well as completely remove the season pass. That's on top of free features like bot support that players are already enjoying.

Aside from unlocking all multiplayer DLCs, Bethesda also revealed that players could try out "DOOM" for free on specific dates.

With this update, we've changed when and how players unlock additional guns, demons, equipment and all of the player and weapon customization options. Now, if there's a specific helmet you want, you can work toward unlocking it by focusing your play style on the related challenge.

Also on the update's agenda is a new Runes system, which will replace the multiplayer modes' Hack Modules with something that's more similar to the single-player campaign's Runes system. In multiplayer, Runes are now persistent player abilities earned and included in a player loadout. Unlike Hack Modules, they do not expire and do not need to be activated. The update's full patch notes can be seen on the official Doom community forums here.

Enhanced Kill Notifications - The death screen is getting an overhaul as well, now calling out how you were killed, not just who killed you.

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"All veteran players will have the option to completely reset their unlock progression items and experience the new progression system fresh, OR retain all of their existing guns, equipment, demons and customization unlocks that they've acquired or purchased and then unlock the remaining items through the revised progression system".

The old players will not have to panic if they see that their levels have been reset to zero because that was on objective.

Is Update 6.66 available on all platforms? You can play the first two Campaign levels and all of Doom Multiplayer and SnapMap.

The free weekend is a great time to get hands on with one of the biggest games of 2016. DOOM will also be discounted through this period to just $14.99, which appears to be the lowest it's been price so far (digitally, at least).

To celebrate the new patch, DOOM is going to be having a couple of free weekends, enabling those still on the fence about the title to give it a go without paying a penny.