Usher: Insurance company says no way to paying for singer's herpes lawsuits

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Insiders say that Usher has denied allegations made by Quantasia Sharpton, a woman who claims she had a sexual encounter with the pop star, according to TMZ.

Up until this point, Usher's camp hasn't said much about the rumor, but according to TMZ, he's breaking his silence.

Usher has not responded publicly to any of the lawsuits alleging he exposed sexual partners to herpes.

Usher's wife, Grace Miguel, who's been married to Usher for two years, is also reportedly sticking by her man. Sources tell TMZ that she isn't giving the lawsuits any merit. A source said that Usher "looks to bring a diverse group of people up onstage, not just supermodels". He believes it's an "esteem booster" for women to be singled out by him in this way.

Sharpton, admitted she tested negative for the STD while Bloom agreed she didn't know for sure if the singer had the disease. A security guard then asked for her number because Usher saw her backstage and was interested in her.

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In her version of events, Sharpton said she was at an Usher concert several years ago when she was 19.

Bloom says that Sharpton has not sued Usher for a particular amount of money and is instead allowing a jury to decide what the monetary compensation should be.

The presser also included Sharpton admitting she was not now infected with herpes and had no proof that Usher was infected either.

The woman who came forward was identified as Quantasia Sharpton, who is being represented by Attorney Lisa Bloom.

According to court documents filed at the Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday morning, New York Marine and General Insurance Company stated they shouldn't be under any obligation to help Usher with his current herpes-related lawsuits, nor any future similar lawsuits. On Twitter, many accompanied their posts with GIFs of celebrities with shocked faces.