Purses revealed for Mayweather v McGregor

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The showdown between undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather and mixed martial arts champion Conor McGregor on Saturday may be poised to become the richest fight of all-time but despite the hype had yet to generate a sellout.

One punter placed a $1.2 million cash bet on Mayweather, which will earn around $240 000.

ESPN reported on Saturday that Mayweather is guaranteed a $100 million purse from the fight, which could reach $250 million if the most bullish pay-per-view targets are met.

"Las Vegas is ours now".

McGregor, who has never fought in a professional boxing contest, is a massive underdog for a fight, which is expected to beamed live to around 200 countries and territories across the globe. McGregor would realize that he only has his fists to use and Mayweather is a champion in that.

"Their response nearly universally was 'We don't care if it's a mismatch. if there's a.01 chance that something incredible could happen, we need to watch it'".

So, if you were planning on hitting up a bar in Boston to watch Saturday's fight, you might want to think about getting there early.

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"I've been here before, I know what it takes to win a fight of this magnitude", Mayweather said.

Both Mayweather and McGregor have spent large parts of the build-up to the fight trash-talking, with an ill-tempered global promotional tour laced with expletives, repeated homophobic slurs and allegations of racist language.

McGregor can be seen making a face of aggression, a now classic McGregor trait.

McGregor taunted Mayweather after tipping the scales at 153 pounds, well inside the 154-pound limit, but substantially heavier than his opponent, who weighed in at 149.5 pounds.

Mayweather has said he would take the fight to McGregor and while that seems out of character for him, I'm inclined to believe him. He looks out of shape; I'm going to breeze through him. These two things could determine whether the fight ends in the first two rounds or goes the distance.

Beyond the purse, it's Mayweather Promotions and McGregor Entertainment putting on this fight with Shotwime and the UFC, which means all sorts of other money normally reserved for the promoter will also be going (at least partially) to the fighters.