Kim Kardashian once called herself Taylor Swift's 'biggest fan' years before feud

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"( If Taylor Swift's new single 'Look What You Made Me Do", reminds you of something, you're not alone. "I'm watching her on Twitter; I just signed up on Twitter".

Taylor Swift pictured in 2009.

Kim Kardashian was once a fan of Taylor Swift! From the beginning, viewers see a dark and resentful side of Swift, who rises from the grave, quickly calling out those she's had feuds with while also making jabs at herself. West used a floating stage on his recent Saint Pablo Tour. While Swift has certainly earned her share of public backlash (she has been rightly censured for her cheap and disposable brand of feminism and her self-victimization in situations she is responsible for), it is all too easy to forget the human being underneath during a social media pile on.

You asked for this, she seems to say.

Infamous The starlet dropped jaws last year when she posted this risque nude selfie online
Infamous The starlet dropped jaws last year when she posted this risque nude selfie online

It all began when she was asked the number one song on her iPod (yes, those still existed).

Not only does she poke fun at direct references to past encounters, Swift makes a point to reference include her current friends as noted on a shirt that the Taylor from the You Belong With Me era sports with names like Selena [Gomez], Ed [Sheeran], Blake [Lively], Ryan [Reynolds] and more.

Oh, how times have changed. "They like what she does and are very pleased with Taylor's interpolation". "I made that (expletive) famous".

That's when Kim showed her trump card, presenting receipts from Snapchat conversations between Kanye and Taylor in which they discussed the song and she approved the lyrics.

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