Mobile is giving away Netflix service to its family-plan customers

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Whether it's a boon for you depends on whether a T-Mobile One plan, minus $10, is a savings against what you're paying now.

T-Mobile has partnered with Netflix to give streaming subscriptions to its unlimited data family plan customers at no additional cost.

Are there any caveats? .

T-Mobile is giving its family plan members Netflix for free.

When asked if T-Mobile was concerned that Netflix binges might slow down speeds on its network, a company representatives said, "Hell no".

How to I sign up? .

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Sign up on September 12 by going into the T-Mobile phone app and connecting your Netflix account. (Those plans cost about $100 for two lines with DVD-quality video, with HD video costing extra). Three lines cost $140 per month while four lines cost $160 per month.

Who knows exactly what that means, but if Netflix and T-Mobile are working together that could cause problems for competitors in each industry.

Cable providers once viewed Netflix as a competitive threat that stole subscribers, but they now view the streaming service as a sweetener to retain them. T-Mobile says its "Netflix On Us" offer will start on September 12. Subscribers with two lines pay $60 per line, while those with three pay $47 per line.

T-Mobile Chief Executive John Legere said the new offer wasn't created to entice people to spend more for service, though the company has spent the past two years nudging customers toward its profitable family plans.

A resurgent T-Mobile has taken revenue and subscriber market share since 2014, owing to its "Uncarrier"-branded marketing campaign and price discounts".

"The future is mobile, over-the-top and unlimited", said T-Mobile CEO John Legere in a press release. To deliver even SD video, T-Mobile uses data compression to deliver your video using only 1.5Mbps. T-Mo also notes that it's monitoring other locations that may be affected by Irma and will adjust its offer as needed.