Will Stephen King's 'It' invade your nightmares? - Lake County Record-Bee

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Warner Bros has released a featurette for their new take on Stephen King's classic novel IT, which introduces the heroes of the story: The Losers' Club. Back in August, the film was tracking well and box office estimates were tallied at between $50 and $60 million for its debut.

It's bad news for Ryan Reynods (see what I did there?) because the supernatural horror filmhas smashed the record set by Deadpool to become the biggest R-rated movie opening of all time.

"It" will be the biggest domestic launch since Spider-Man: Homecoming (July 7), considering the opening week collections, if it actually ends its maiden week past $100 million.

Pennywise the dancing Clown is an evil monster that terrorizes the town of Derry, Maine. While Tim Curry's lauded outing as Pennywise in the 1990 miniseries was the catalyst for a thousand nightmares, it relied more on camp humor, and an nearly toy-like performance, leaving some with the feeling that It wasn't scary enough. Kudos to Bill Skarsgård for portraying Pennywise in a more psychotic and chilling way than Tim Curry (I really liked Mr. Curry's performance), he was still able to be somewhat amusing, but in a way that would make you run away from him if you ever saw him in the streets (or in a gutter). The kids, each with their own problems in tow, follow Bill's lead into an underworld below their hometown of Derry, seeking answers, and revenge, after the disappearance of Bill's younger brother Georgie. "It" rises above potential silliness and director Andy Muschietti does a pretty decent job of keeping the tone suspenseful and the scary clown scenes pretty jarring.

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Firstpost - 4 Stars: When first class story material meets first class execution, you get films like Andy Muschietti's It. It has a lovable cast and one of the best horror villains and they all give unbelievable performances. "The last thing we would ever want is to be part of a lesser Stephen King movie".

"Hang tough, New Kid", she tells him after meeting him, referencing a popular song by the group. "And I'm hoping that the movie will be a success and they'll do the grown-ups, and then they can do a DVD package where everything's together!" Hardcore fans will find the story not all that true to the book.

After the movie is over, there is laughter from Pennywise the Clown heard. "And I wanted to explore that boundary".